Toilet Replacement and Repair

A good toilet is built to last, but nothing lasts forever. Eventually, toilet components break down. Leaks, clogs, and even more serious issues can impact the effectiveness of the toilet.

When a toilet fails you, nothing can derail the function of a house more quickly. Toilets are the single largest source of water use in most homes, so a toilet malfunction can be costly. A leaky toilet can result in massive utility bills. Getting it fixed now is probably the most economical solution.

If you suspect your toilet is on its last legs and in need of repair or replacement, or if your toilet is just starting to exhibit problems, call Plumber Near Me.

Our licensed and insured plumbers have served the communities of Buda, Kyle, Austin, and the surrounding areas for 15 years with residential and commercial toilet installation and repair services

Common Problems with Toilets

We take toilets for granted because we use them every day, but a flushing toilet is actually a marvel of modern science. Many delicate parts must work just right for a toilet to do its job.

A toilet may need repairs or replacement if it develops any of the following problems:

Each of these problems has different possible root causes and effective solutions. Don’t let any of these issues slide — they can fester into a more costly problem that impacts the function of your bathroom. Play it safe and have our Austin plumbers come out to assess your toilet.

How to Assess Poor Toilet Performance

It can be hard to tell if your toilet is not functioning at peak performance, especially if it has been “acceptable” for a long time. People grow used to their toilet and its quirks. Still, plumbing services on your toilet could make your toilet more efficient and effective, and head off bigger problems down the road.

Our licensed plumbers use several advanced techniques to diagnosing toilet problems, including:

Hire a Professional to Unclog Your Toilet

Many toilet clogs can be addressed with a plunger. However, other situations require the attention of a professional plumber. They may be signs of bigger problems ahead. It may not be safe or effective to plunge.

Consider calling the experts at Plumber Near Me if:

Any of these issues could have several root causes and may be an early warning sign for more significant repair needs.

Plumber Near Me is qualified to accurately identify the source of the problem, recommend and perform repairs, or replace the toilet and piping if needed.

How to Avoid Clogging Your Toilets

The best toilet clogs are the ones you prevent from developing in the first place. Excessive toilet paper use is a key factor in most toilet clogs, but other factors come into play as well.

Consider the following steps to stop clogs from forming, and you’ll enjoy toilets that need service less frequently:

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